Soil Improvers

Whether you have an established garden or you are planning a new project - there's a lot of ground work to do. Our range of hand tools, garden care tools, spades and accessories will help you for almost any job around your flower and vegetable beds.

Plants Plus Moo Poo 30lt

This popular manure assists with strong and healthy plant growth. It contains humus-forming material to enrich garden soil, and with no chemicals it is suitable for all soil types

Plants Plus Groganic 30lt

Enhances plant growth. Improves soil hydration. Use for lawn and garden bed preparation.

Chicken Manure 25lt

Resource Gardening Chicken Manure - Low odour, fully composted, easy to handle and spread.

Resource Gardening Cow Manure 25lt

Low odour
Fully composted
Easy to handle and spread

Resource Gardening Mushroom Compost 25lt

Resource Gardening Mushroom Compost 25lt

Easily worked in to soil
Adds organic matter
Opens up compacted soil

Resource Gardening Garden Soil 25lt

Contains BioActiv compost
Contains wetting agent
Use in garden beds & planters

Natural Dolomite Lime
5 & 10kg

Helps correct soil problems and a good source of magnesium and calcium that are essential plant nutrients.

Natural Garden Lime


Richgro Natural Garden Lime helps plants to obtain nutrients from the soil and assists the decomposition of organic matter.

Bug Killa Granular Garden Insecticide 250g

Bug Killa protects Azaleas, Roses and ornamental plants from Azalea Lace Bug, Aphids and Scarab Beetle Larvae.