Natives - Hedges and Screening

Acmena Alynn Magic

Allyn Magic is an Ever Green Shurb that produces flushes of colorful foliage throughout all seasons of the year and is a psyllid free lilly pilly. Is hardy to moderate frosts. Can be used for borders, hedges, feature plantings and containers.

Acmena smithii minor

A smaller growing, bushier form of the lilly pilly. It has an attractive bronze coloured new growth with the older leaves a dark shiny green. Fluffy creamy-white flowers followed by masses of brightly coloured berries.

Acmena Forest Flame

Evergreen shrub, native to Australia. Has clusters of white fluffy flowers followed by white to purple berries which are edible. It has bright red new growth

Acmena Hot Flush

A superb colourful native with glossy foliage constantly changing with brilliant flushes of burgundy, hot pink, lime and bronze followed by edible mauve fruit which attracts birds. Its a small and bushy Lilly Pilly, hardy and versatile,

Syzygium Cascade

A fast growing, attractive weeping Lilly Pilly shrub. It has red new growth and pink flowers followed by edible red fruits in summer.  The Syzygium Cascade is resistant to Psyllid. An excellent screening and hedging plant, which responds well to pruning and shaping.

Acmena Firescreen

A psyllid free Lilly pilly that can form a dense screen. Fast growing with flushes of copper red new growth, fading to bronze as the foliage matures, white fluffy flowers are followed by mauve edible berries during Spring. It is fire retardant

Syzygium Backyard Bliss


A Fast Growing, Dense Screening Tree. Low Maintenance. Grows 3 - 4 Metres.

Acmena Cherry Surprise

Stunning cherry red new growth. Quick growing dense grower.

Syzygium Resilience

A lillypilly variety. A popular choice for hedging or screening is drought tolerate and hardy with edible berries.

Correa "Ring A Ding Ding"

An Australian bred native, this bird attracting plant with its deep orange bell-shaped flowers has a long flowering period from late autumn through to spring. Ideal in pots in a sunny position, informal borders or hedging.

Grevillea Duea Gold

This Extremely Hardy Plant Displays Rich Golden Yellow Flowers. 140Mm Pot.

Acacia Cognata Fettuccini

An Australian Native With A Compact Form And Mounded Weeping Habit. Dry Tolerant And Easy To Grow This Plant Is Perfect For Small Gardens, Patios And Courtyards.