Native Grasses

Conostylis Lemon Lights

Conostylis setigera "Lemon Lights". Dwarf clumping perennial. Grows up to 1M wide. Flowers late Autumn through to Spring. Plant for borders or mass planting.

Conostylis Silver Sunrise

Conostylis 'Silversunrise' is a fantastic low growing Australian native, famed for ... a spectacular display of yellow flowers held above the foliage on silver stems.

Lomandra Little Con

'Little Con' is a small, hardy native plant that has a rounded habit and small cream flowers that grow amongst the foliage in Spring.

Lomandra Lime Tuff

Lomandra Lime Tuff, Australian native plant. Compact grass like plant selected for its lush lime foliage. Hardy, frost and drought tolerant tuft.

Lomandra Tanika

Lomandra is a reliable, tough and beautiful landscape plant which has been performing in landscapes across Australia for over a decade.

Lomandra Lime Devine

Lime Divine is a decorator plant with soft, dense, weeping lime green foliage and creamy yellow flowers produced along fine stems in spring and summer.