Native Climbers

Pandorea jasminoides

Bower of Beauty - Evergreen, vigorous woody climber, and Prefers warm temperate areas of eastern Queensland to northern New South Wales. 

Pandorea jasminoides

Lady Di - Lush bright green foliage provides a year-round screen for fence, pergola, wall, or a cascade over a retaining wall or bank

Pandorea Golden Showers

'Golden Showers' is a rich golden colour with brown tips to the flowers.


Clematis aristata

Hardenbergia violaceae

Snowbells is an attractive heavy flowering climbing vine with clusters of large pure white bell shape flowers and glossy green leaves.  

Hardy in most soils. It prefers a sunny or semi shaded position.

Hardy, evergreen, twining, woody stemmed climber, which has dark green leathery leaves and produces a mass of dark purple pea flowers in winter spring.