Native Shrubs

Grevillea 'Ivory Whip' Grafted

A great compact easy to grow shrub, 1.5m h x 1.5m w,  spreading habit - a great addition to most gardens. Very attractive foliage, the white flowers with a subtle tinge of pink are on display for most of the year. 

Acacia Mini Cog

A Low Growing And Compact Form Of Cognata. Very Hardy And Will Tolerate Most Soil Types.

Acacia Limelight

This compact, dry tolerant native is low maintenance. Lush green decorative foliage is ideal for exotic gardens. Can be planted in tubs or in the garden.

Acacia Waterfall

Acacia Fettuchinni

Flannel Flower

An Australian Native With A Compact Form And Mounded Weeping Habit. Dry Tolerant And Easy To Grow This Plant Is Perfect For Small Gardens, Patios And Courtyards.

Spring Flowering Dwarf Shrub With Deep Green Foliage. No Maintenance Required.

Actinotus helianthi is a herbaceous or shrubby plant reaching almost a metre in height in good conditions.

Acacia leprosa

Acacia 'Scarlet Blaze' is a cultivar of Acacia leprosa (Cinnamon Wattle) originating from Victoria in Australia. It is noted for its unusual red flowers.