We stock quality tube stock and young plants

PlantsPlus Cumberland Forest Garden Centre are specialists for native tube stock and young plants, stocking over 200 varieties of quality tubestock plants ready for garden planting or for your landscaping needs. Some of our most popular varieties include grevilleas, callistemons, native grasses and rainforest plants to name a few. We also stock the favourite Koala food trees with distinct local, regional and seasonal preferences to our Sydney region.

Petunia "Night Sky" – Perennial

Petunia Night Sky - Perennial Petunia

This would have to be the most unique Petunia plant ever bred. It boasts the starry speckled pattern of its stunning bloom. Great for hanging baskets, patio containers or over a retaining wall. Height 25cm. 

Corymbia Grafted Dwarf Red 

A spectacular dwarf gum growing to 3m tall and 3m wide. In summer, 'dwarf red' is smothered in massed trusses of deep fire engine red flowers.

Strawberry Red Gauntlet Runners

Produces a generous crop of bright red medium-sized heart shaped fruit. Ideal for hanging baskets, containers or garden beds. Likes at least 6 hours of sun per day to fruit well. 

Gallipoli Centenary Rose

Commemorates the Gallipoli Centenary in 2015. The large, elegant, deep red blooms grow to around 1.2m tall.

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