Grevillea 'Ivory Whip' Grafted.

A great compact easy to grow shrub, 1.5m h x 1.5m w,  spreading habit - a great addition to most gardens. Very attractive foliage, the white flowers with a subtle tinge of pink are on display for most of the year. 

Corymbia Grafted Dwarf Red 

A spectacular dwarf gum growing to 3m tall and 3m wide. In summer, 'dwarf red' is smothered in massed trusses of deep fire engine red flowers.

Strawberry Red Gauntlet Runners

Produces a generous crop of bright red medium-sized heart shaped fruit. Ideal for hanging baskets, containers or garden beds. Likes at least 6 hours of sun per day to fruit well. 

Gallipoli Centenary Rose

Commemorates the Gallipoli Centenary in 2015. The large, elegant, deep red blooms grow to around 1.2m tall.