Bush Tucker

Alpinia caerulea
– Native Ginger

A great understorey plant as its vigorous root system will allow it to establish quickly.  Clusters of bright blue berries. Both the berries and stem tips are' edible. Cut flowers and foliage for indoor decoration.

Austromytis dulsis
– Midgim Berry

A low spreading shrub with dainty foliage developing a reddish shade in colder climates. The white tea tree like flowers are followed by sweet edible mauve-white speckled berries. A very decorative ground cover.

Mentha australis
– Native Peppermint

This is a subtle Australian native herb with the taste and aroma of spearmint. It is summer growing and thrives in moist environments.

Davidsoniana jerseyana
– Davidson Plum


An outstanding small tree that prefers warm conditions and some shade. Striking edible purple fruits that make excellent jam.

Cissus hypoglauca
– Native Grape

Pleiogynium timorense
– Burdekin Plum

This close relative of the Mango is a native tropical rainforest tree. The deep purple fleshy plum-like fruits can be eaten raw, or used in wines, jams and jellies.  

Large, vigorous, attractive woody climber. Hardy, but appreciates extra water in dry periods; also prefers a sheltered situation. Can be grown in full shade. Fruit a black globular berry 1-2cm across.

Pouteria australis
– Native Black Apple

Rubus parvifolius
– Native Raspberry

Linospadix monostachya
– Walking Stick Palm

A tall tree with a fluted trunk and bushfood potential. This tree produces a small apple-sized fruit that is eaten by rainforest mammals. The edible flesh is a rich red, with a delicate, slightly sweet flavour. 28m

A scrambling, suckering plant with fine, prickly stems. attractive foliage, which sometimes shows orange and red tones among the fresh green.  The felted greyish flower buds open in October to February.

This native miniature palm is found as an understorey throughout the subtropical rainforest's of Australia. Growth is very slow in it's initial stages but very worthwhile to nurture as it is very attractive as an indoor plant. Orange fruits are edible.