Deciduous Fruit Trees

We have a diverse range of fruit trees! From a single tree to espalier on a vacant wall or space saving trellis, to a large orchard or enclosed garden. So treat yourself to a spectrum of colour, size, flavour and texture!

Fig Black Genoa

Self-fertile fig produces large fruit with greenish-purple skin.

Stella Cherry Tree

This self-pollinating cherry produces heavy crops of large heart-shaped fruit with a dark red sweet flavoured flesh.

Williams Syn Bartlett Pear Tree

Medium to large trees with sweet flavoured juicy fruit ideal for eating, stewing, juicing, preserving and drying. Needs cross pollinating.

Beurre Bosc Pear Tree

Jonathan Apple

Gala Apple

A beautiful pear, long in shape, rich cream flesh, high quality. Lasts well.

One Of The Best Apples For Eating & Cooking.

A Sweet And Slightly Tart Apple With A Crisp Firm Texture.

Moorpark Apricot Tree

The most popular home grown apricot with its crops of large rich flavoured fruit. Ideal for eating fresh, jam making, drying, stewing or juicing.

Sunbob Nectarine

Sunbob Nectarine

This early flowering yellow flesh nectarine produces medium to large fruit with great flavour.

Peach Anzac Tree

Peach Anzac Tree

A white flesh freestone peach. An old fashioned favourite.